Welcome to the Intermediate Math Section for SW1.

Intermediate Math: Targeted Implemented Planning Supports for Revised Math (TIPS4RM). TIPS4RM are the Guide to Effective Instruction for Middle School. They offer interesting lessons and activities for students.
To download TIPS4RM for Grade 7 please click here To download TIPS4RM for Grade 8 please click here

Homework Help Line Information Sheet for Grade 7-10

Want to know more about how the differentiate your instruction for Grade 7/8 students? Then check out this brochure put out by the Ministry of Ontario: Brochure

Great Video by Dan Meyer discussing why we need to change the Math Classroom click here

Geometer's Sketch Pad on Math Gains, for Tutorials and Activities for Grade 7 and 8 click here

Developing Mathematical Literacy: TIPS4RM put out this document to help teachers develop and implement the Three Part Lesson into their math classroom which promotes math talk and the sharing of mathematical ideas.

GIZMOS: Please check out Gizmos for your students. Gizmos are online simulations for students in Grade 3 -12 for math and science. Please contact Evelyn Heath at Evelyn.Heath@tdsb.on.ca to get set up on Gizmos.