Games and puzzles are a valuable addition to our repertoire of methods for teaching mathematics; there is much to be gained from including games in our mathematics teaching.

Please click on the online websites to view a variety of games and activities for all students.

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Please check out the Guides to Effective Instruction for great GAMES that can be easily incorporated into you math program.

Guides to Effective Instruction K-3
Guide to Effective Instruction 4-6

Activities and Games for the Classroom

Games for the Middle Years

Math Games and Activities (Handouts from a workshop given by David Debelle)

Games and Activities compiled by Math Coach Mary Cole.

Articles for the Theory

Articles for the Practice


Games Online:
Primary Games and Activities:

Cool Math Games click here.

Math Playground click here

IXL Math click here.

Mathwire click here

French Website: This is a TFO site that has some different games for children in French. This link allows students to play Cafe des Mathadores which has students purchase items from the cafeteria.

TFO Educational Eleves

Junior Games and Activities:

Math Grade 6 Spy Guys click here

Cool Math 4 Kids click here

Math is Fun click here

IXL Math

Math Playground

Math Frog

Intermediate Games and Activities:

Figure This

Wired Math

IXL Math

Special Education:

Visual Math Learning: this site reads the information to the students.
Visual Math Learning