Kindergarten: Please share any resources, lesson or games.

WR6 Kindergarten Interactive Math Made Easy (KIMME) SMART Board, PowerPoint Lessons and stories.

Book Links to support KIMME on YouTube.

Captain Invincible:


Monster Musical Chairs:

My Favourite Thing:

Kindergarten Network Sessions

Session One: What does play based math look like in kindergarten?

Thank you to Amanda Bujdos for sharing her knowledge and presenting her great ideas and the geometry unit.

Session Two: How do you teach emergent and early readers?

Thank you to Ginny Yee for sharing her expertise in reading and the Frameworks.

Session Three: What does inquiry based science look like?

Thanks to Nancy Pascua for sharing her vast knowledge, ideas and resources with us?
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Kindergarten Links
Play Based Learning click here
Great Games for Early Years Learning click
Place Value and other math ideas Kindergarten Crayons

To visit the EFTO Kindergarten site click here.

Kindergaten Curriculum Documents.

Working Together Document.

Great Math Websites for Problem Solving
Kindergarten Kindergarten

Kelly's Kindergarten
This is a teacher created site that is very it includes several game ideas and instructional resources for math. There are printable game cards and math activities relating to all of the math strands as well as ideas for monthly themes and links to online games. The printable games and cards are directed toward the primary grades. click here

MathGains has recently put out Patterning to Algebra Lessons K to 3. There are 5 Kindergarten - Grade 1 lessons and 6 Grade 2/3 lessons. They have all been set up in a 3 part Lesson format and include links to music, poems, blackline masters and provide information about the background, research and curriculum connections.

Gingerbread Man Activities
Gingerbread Man Mathwire

Please see the Guides to Effective Instruction for great lesson ideas and games for Kindergarten. The Guides can be downloaded from the Primary Section on the Wiki. The Guides cover all five strands and are very user friendly. Also see the Fosnot Section of the Wiki for some other lesson ideas.

Assessment Documents:

Kindergarten Articles: