Mobile Computing Strategy (MCS) Teacher Information Package:

Mobile Computing Strategy AW: Click below to access 3 Part Math Lessons, MCS Documents, integration of technology in the classroom, etc.

MCS: is a grade six initiative that promotes the use of technology in the classroom. While the initiative is tied to math, teachers are encouraged to integrate the Mac Books into all subject areas of the curriculum. The lessons and activities posted here are from a variety of Demonstration Classrooms from SW1 and the TDSB.

Demonstration Classroom: On April 21st, 2011 David Zayachkowski and his grade six class at Islington JMS invited teachers from SW1 to visit their classroom. The lesson was to determine the surface area of all possible chocolate bars that had a volume of 36 units. The students then had to find which chocolate bar was the most visually appealing and easiest to share. This lesson was based on the activity called Chocolongo: from A Guides to Effective Instruction, Measurement (grade 6).

Isometric Drawing Tool click here.


Demonstration Classroom: On May 10th, 2011 Ted Vella, and his class at Park Lawn JMS invited teachers to visit his class work on representing, numbering and ordering fractions. The students used benchmark numbers, dice and a number line to plot the fractions. The students then recorded their answers on photobooth, justifying how they used benchmark numbers to plot the numbers on the number line. This lesson was based on the Fractions lesson from the A Guide to Effective Instruction, Fractions (grade 6).


These are the activities and lessons that grade 6 teachers attached to the MCS in SW1 showcased on the June 15th Sharing Session held at John English.

Bloorlea Middle School: Erin Conrad Sims Grade 6 teacher, Geometry Activity:
There was a great Powerpoint that accompanied this lesson. However, the file was too large to place on the wiki. If you would like to a copy of the Powerpoint please email Erin Conrad Sims on Outlook.

John English: This activity, making an Energy Brochure was co-created by Mark Bedrosian and Elizabeth Kamnik, grade 6 teachers at John English.

Norseman: Peter Matheos and his students presented a lesson on Transformational Geometry and provided information regarding different websites and Youtube videos you can use with this topic.

The students justified their answers to the questions on imovie. The movies were too large to post on the Wiki. To see some of the imovies created by Mr. Matheos' class please email him on Outlook.

Karen Kain: Tara Paterson and Emily Noble included several activities to show the various ways they integrated the laptops into the curriculum.

Logos created by the students using the MacBook.

Please listen to the an audio clip about the Seasons.

Warren Park: Taslim Mohamed and her students used Garage Band to show how sound effects can be added to books and assignments to make them more interesting.

They also taught us how to use Wordle and recommended the video game 'Tomb of the Unknown Mummy'.

Bloorlea: Arnold Nath and his students showed how they used the laptops in their class to collect data and graphed it on Excel.

Lanor: Christy Fage and her students used the laptops to create PowerPoint Presentations and made movies for Drama.

John English: Alice Mazlet and her grade 6 students used the laptops to research and write a report on Explorers. They also used the computers to create characters on

Please see the different lessons that were used in the MCS Demonstration Classrooms throughout the TSDB.