Evidence-Based Strategies:

Graphic Organizer for the Frayer Model contributed by Chris Hyatt.

Graphic Organizers

Various Graphic Organizers

Problem Solving Icons: Here are some problem solving strategy icons from Susan O'Connell's series the The Math Process Series on Problem Solving.

Data Wall: This a personal template to track your students for a Diagnostic, Mid-point Diagnostic and Post Assessment.

Pathway/ Unit Planning Map: This is a Pathway Map for Mathematics. I have left some of the sections filled is to help you determine what information you need to place on the map to meet the needs of your unit or strand. You can delete the information from each section and add your information. Please feel to post your completed map to share with others.

Math Talk: This is a put out by the Ministry to help build and foster a math talk community in your classroom.

Math Biographies: This is a fun activity to complete with students to promote mathematics.

Conversion Chart: This conversion chart was created by Tara Paterson, Karen Kain School for the Arts.