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EQAO Understanding Achievement Levels: The purpose of the documents is to help teachers make links between EQAO and the curriculum. This document is cross referenced to the Effective Guides and the LNS Building Capacity Series.

Building Capacity Series Monographs:

EQAO: The English Grade 3 and 6 as well as the Grade 3 French Immersion Math EQAO Question Booklets and Answers have been loaded onto this site. The questions and answers have been conveniently categorized by strand. The 2009-2010 booklets and answers are available as well as an easy to use template to help you Unpack your school's EQAO data. These templates were created by Math Coaches Freda Liu and Rene Cameron.

Unpacking the Data: Primary Test

Unpacking the Data: Junior Test

Trends in the Data 2011-2012: The trends listed here are from the Ministry website.

Musings of a Math Coach: I have posted the some thoughts and suggestions for supporting student learning.

Emily Sullivan and Krystine Buzny from Twentieth Street, compiled a list of Favourite EQAO Terms to help their students become familiar with the language of EQAO.

Glossary of Terms for terms for EQAO click here

Math Manipulative List for Grade 3

Math Manipulative List for Grade 6

Test Taking Tips for EQAO

The Grade 3 Math EQAO Questions and Answers were compiled by the following Math Coaches: Mary Cole, Linda Edwards, Falicity Laudisa, and Colleen Bellehumeur as well as the ABC Faywood teachers: Elizabeth Bettencourt, Lee Glover, Claire Holland, Sharelene Reingold.

The Grade 3 French Immersion EQAO Questions and Answers were complied by Mary Cole.

The Grade 6 Math EQAO Questions and Answers were compiled by Mary Cole, Linda Edwards, Falicity Laudisa and Colleen Bellehumeur.