Special Education:

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Books and Resources available from the Professional Library to support Special Education Students. Please see the Professional Library link on the Resource page for a direct link.

Leaps and Bounds: Marian Small has recently published her new series, Leaps and Bounds. Leaps and Bounds, is an intervention resource for students experiencing difficulty in math from Grades 3-8. The resource offers a diagnostic tool to help determine what skills or concepts a child is missing and then helps you to determine the Path to support their learning. There are 3 paths, Path 1 offers support for students who are just below level and may be missing a key concept or skill. Path 2 and 3 are designed to support students who are 2 to 3 grade levels behind. The resource includes diagnostics tools, misconception about the math, lessons and activities. Presently, Leaps and Bounds is available for Grades 3/4 and 5/6. Grade 7/8 will be available in December 2011.

For more information regarding this great resource contact Colleen Bellehumeur or Brendan O'Dacre (Nelson Publishing).
Leaps and Bounds 3/4
Student Resource Workbook 978-0-17-651212-5
Student Resource Blackline Masters 978-0-17-635145-8
Student CD ROM 978-0-17-635144-1
Teacher's Resource 978-0-17-615812-5
Digital Teacher's Resource Online 978-0-17-651286-6
with Interactive Whiteboard
Digital Teacher's Resource DVD 13-978-017-651286-6

Website: www.nelson.com/leapsand bounds/
Note: The user name and passwords are provided in the Teacher's Resource.

Grade 5/6 ISBN:
Student Resource Workbook 978-0-17-651213-2
Student Resource Blackline Masters 978-0-17-635150-2
Student CD ROM 978-0-17-635149-6
Teacher's Resource 978-0-17-636147-2
Digital Teacher's Resource Online 978-0-17-635146-5
with Interactive Whiteboard
Digital Teacher's Resource DVD 13-978-017-651285-9

Multilingual Math Glossary (McGraw Hill)-Grade 6 and up http://www.glencoe.com/apps/eGlossary612/grade.php This site has a math glossary in 13 languages. It creates a file that you can print off with the translation for key math terms.